Triple Paid Records

Triple Paid Records is a Music/Video/Movie production  company. The name Triple Paid Records comes from getting paid in three different ways. The logo represents a triangle which has 3 different sides which also represents one way  of getting paid to each side.

Triple Paid Records  was founded by Desert G also known as Guy DuGan II in October of 2012. Triple Paid Records after only been trademarked and copyrighted for two years has sold over 5,000 hard copies and countless digital copies.

Triple Paid Records offers contracts to Artist, Producers, Online Promoters, Metal Bands, Actors and more. Triple Paid Records has its hand in all types of music including Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Metal and more. Triple Paid Records is also in the works of producing two movies. These movies  are 100% Independentfilms from Triple Paid Records.

This is the Triple Paid Records official Web site!  You could find the Newest Music, Music Videos, New and Older Albums, Clothing , Free Downloads, Links, Pictures and updates all in one original place.

Welcome to  Triple Paid

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